612 Panorama Gallery

Photos exhibited here are taken with Toyo Field 45A large format camera and Horseman 612 roll film holder. Film size of 612 is 56x112mm and it's 7.3 times, 3 times and 2 times larger than 35mm, 645 and 6x6 respectively. 612 gives us very detailed and wide view images that fit to beautiful landscape.
Compared with 617, much wider view photos, advantage of 612 is lens availability. I can use from 65mm to 400mm (22mm to 138mm equivalent to 35mm SLR) while 90mm to 150mm on 617.

Photos are displayed on pop-up window worked by JavaScript and the image will be automatically fit to browser window size up to approx. 1500 pixel width, thus I recommend you to turn JavaScript effective and to expand browser window to full screen.

Scenery from Mt. Fudekage

Mt. Fudekage is famous for beautiful scenery in Setonaikai Sea with many island sillhouette and many cameramen are challenging to get good works in winter morning.
Last update on 2014.7.9
Mt. Aratani

Mt. Aratani is very famous for sea of fog in autumn morning and it's my favourate spot.
Last update on 2014.4.12
Scenery in Geihoku

North-western part of Hiroshima Prefecture is called Geihoku. There are many beautiful scenery spots and I frequently visit there for photo shooting.
Last update on 2014.4.6
Other Sceneries in Hiroshima Prefecture

Photos taken in Hiroshima Prefecture but "OTHER THAN" in Mt. Fudekage, Mt. Aratani or Geihoku where I made a dedicated gallery for each. Presently photos of cluster amarylis in Kisa Town, Sunflower in Kimita Town and Sunrise & Innoshima Bridge in Itozaki Town are available.
Last update on 2014.6.22
Sceneries in Shimane Prefecture

Photos taken in Shiro-Kasuka / Kuro-Kasuka Island and Oku Izumo Orochi Loop are available.
Last update on 2014.9.10
Seneries in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Photos taken in Monju-Do Shrine and Yotsukojima Island are currently available.
Last update on 2014.10.13
Mt. Daisen

Mt. Daisen is the highest mountain in mid western area of Japan. Photos of Mt. Daisen and Kitanizawa Valley located in the side of the mountain are exhibited.
Last update on 2014.4.19