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Welcome to the web site of KEN, a Japanese amateur cameraman.
I live in Hiroshima and am taking photos of landscape, flower, insect, etc. Mainstream of photography has been Digital for a long time and I have DSLR, of course, but I still enjoy film photography. I have Canon EOS-3, Toyo Field 45A large format camera with 617 & 612 film folders and Tomiyama Art Panorama 170 medium format panorama camera. I hope you could enjoy with my works.

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Since Nov. 21, 1999

Recent Updates
Last Update : November 28, 2014

Medium Format Panorama Gallery

617 Panorama Gallery exhibits works taken with Tomiyama Art Panorama 170
or Toyo Field 45A plus Tomiyama Art Panorama 170 Film Holder.

612 Panorama Gallery exhibits works taken with Toyo Field 45A plus Horseman 612 Film Holder.

Photo Gallery by 35mm Film SLR (some of medium format included)
Welcome Gallery
My best favorites which indicate typical my way of photo shooting...
Gallery Clara 
The gallery of my 14 years old daughter, Clara.
Fog Gallery 
Hiroshima prefecture has some famous spots of "sea of fog". Mt. Kakezu, Mt. Aratani and Miyoshi Basin located in northern part of Hiroshima prefecture. I frequently visit there in Autumn, the season of fog, and enjoy seeing magnificent scenery.
Botanical Garden's Gallery
Fantastic photographs taken in botanical gardens.
Spring Scenery Gallery
Spring photos other than flowers are exhibited here. I took photos of forest scenery in Yawata Hiland in these years.
Cherry Blossom Gallery
Cherry blossom is a symbolic flower of Japan, and all Japanese people love to see it when it's in bloom.
Spring Flowers Gallery 1
Gallery for various spring flowers.  I took these photos with keeping in mind to reproduce gentle light and colors in the spring on the photos.
Spring Flowers Gallery 2
Gallery for Tulips.  Tulip is splendid and beautiful subject but difficult to take excellent photos.
Summer Flowers Gallery
Gallery for summer flowers.  Currently wather lilies', hydrangeas', Lotus' and sunflowers' galleries are available.
Autumn Gallery-1
Tinted autumn leaves, silver grass, etc. but autumn flowers. 
Autumn Gallery-2
Gallery for autumn flowers other than Cosmos.  Cluster amaryllises and buckwheat flowers are currently exhibited.
Autumn Gallery-3
Gallery for Cosmos.
Winter Gallery
Photos of winter sceneries and flowers are exhibited.
As for flowers, I take photos of eranthis or "Setsubun-so" in Japanese every year.
Insects Gallery
Gallery for insects.
Butterfly, grasshopper, mantis, dragonfly, ant, bee, etc.
Morning & Evening Gallery
Scenery in the mooring and evening. Dawn and Dusk Gallery was replaced with this gallery and new photos are added.
Gallery Cat
Photos of stray cats!
Appendix Gallery
Gallery for snaps, architectures, etc.
South Africa (Appendix Gallery-2)
Photos of Pretoria where I visited for a business trip.
A stock room of photos which I have some interests in, but do not think them worth enough for a Gallery at present.

KEN's Report 1. Kenko MC85 (MC Soft 85mm F2.5) Test Report

2. Smart Hood for Kenko MC85

3. EOS650 Square : Modification to a 24mm x 24mm Square Format Camera

Photo Links Olympus OM-1 Gallery by Tiziana Ciaghi