617 Panorama Gallery

Photos exhibited here are taken with Art Panorama 170 (617 Panorama camera), or Toyo Field 45A large format camera plus Art Panorama 170 holder (617 roll film holder). You can get Panoramic image by cutting upper and lower part of image taken with 35mm SLR or digital SLR, but quality of pure 617 image, recorded on 56 x 172mm film size, is fabulous and scanned digital data (@3200dpi) reaches to 150 million pixels. Super wide angle lens for SLR (retro focus type) has big barrel distortion and deforms very edge of images but that for large format camera (biogon type) has no such characteristics. Therefore, 617 Panorama image gives you very natural feel even in extreme edge in spite of super wide angle of view.

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Scenery from Mt. Fudekage

Photos of taken from Mt. Fudekage located in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. 617 camera is suitable to take whole view from there.
Last update on 2014.11.28
Mt. Aratani

Mt. Aratani is located at the northern end of Hiroshima City and famous for sea of fog. Thanks to wide view there we can enjoy with super wide angle panorama camera.
Last update on 2014.10.2
Scenery in Geihoku

North-western part of Hiroshima Prefecture is called Geihoku. There are many beautiful scenery spots and I frequently visit there for photo shooting.
Last update on 2014.5.24
Scenery in Shimane Prefecture

Photos taken in Shinji Lake, Shiro-Kasuka & Kuro-Kasuka Island and Mt. Sanbe are currently available.
Last update on 2014.8.2
Scenery in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Photos taken in Mt. Zenitsubo, Suo-Oshima Island and Kaminoseki Town are currently available.
Last update on 2014.5.8