Autumn Gallery-1

Japanese Maple

--- 2002 --- 
Pink, yellow, pale green.....Japanese maple leaves in various colors were in gentle morning light. PKR (Kodak Ektachrome 64 Professional Film) reproduces vividly colored leaves in gentle and graceful.  Dual exposure technique enhances gracefulness too.
Yellow leaves on the river in the gentle morning light.  Film is again PKR which makes vivid yellow graceful.
Colorful leaves backlit by the evening sunlight, together with many bokehs. It's my favorite photo style.
Maple leaves in the forest with white hearts?
Many leaves were shined in the evening sunlight.
It was a windy day, and I shot wind.

It's a bridge in front of the gate of the Butsuji Temple, surrounded by may tinted maples.
And there were about a hundred of stone Buddhist images in the temple.
A scene of back garden of a house near the temple.