Autumn Gallery-1

Japanese Maple

--- 2001 ---
Graceful Autumn Colors 2 : Green and Orange
This branch is identical with the second photo of 2000 "Graceful Autumun Colors : Green".  I have learnt much from the last year's photo and took it in a different way.  Please take notice of color combination, namely, green leaves on orange back, orange leaves on green back and white highlight in the upper for an accent.
Graceful Autumn Colors 2 : Peach and Raspberry
It's sweet colors!  I imagine delicious fruit cake with yellow peach, orange, kiwi with raspberry jelly from these colors.
Graceful Autumn Colors 2 : Prophetic Dream
This is one of the best favorite photos I took in 2001 autumn.  With careful dual exposure technique, fantastic image has been created.

-----     2000     -----
Graceful Autumn Colors : Yellow
Graceful Japanese colors in Autumn, the first one is Yellow.
Graceful Autumn Colors : Green
Then the next one is Green.  With combination of tinted red of Japanese maple, every color gets typical Japanese grace, I think.

-----     1999     -----
Scent of the Evening
A kind of Japanese maple are shining in the gentle evening light and air.
Scent of the Sunset
The same leaves now become silhouettes at the sunset.
A Silhouette Marchen 1
A silhouette of Japanese maple with shining red background.  This photo was taken at Buttsuji-temple in Hiroshima prefecture.
A Silhouette Marchen 2
Young leaves sprouting from the side of a big tee, looked like singing with chorus of red maple behind.
This photo was also taken at Buttsuji-temple in Hiroshima prefecture.