Autumn Gallery-3

An expression of a petal.
Song of a small cosmos.
Can you hear the song of her singing very energetic, yet lyric and beautiful.
A delight of a grown up cosmos.
She looks very delightful, wearing white and pink dress, basking in the shining sun.
Cosmos Fantasy
The flower is sorrounded by a halo.  A fairy may live in this flower.

Scenery with Cosmos
Cosmos in a field with a deep moring mist. Still sleeping, maybe.
Cosmos community in a vast field in the morning.  Each of wild cosmos has an unique, individual face and looks very energetic.  They are the key player of scenery of the field.
Sunlight comes through the mist and lighten the cosmos. 
Cosmos in the seaside morning.
Cosmos beside a rice field, just before harvest.

The bud will soon be in bloom.  Everything is shining reflecting her delight.
A small flower just after coming into bloom.  She is still small but will soon be grown up with her elder sister's care in the back.
A small small cosmos, all the petals were getting wet with dew and beautifully semitransparent.
A couple of grown up cosmos.  I felt that their energy spread over the field.
Grown up cosmos sometimes shed tears, it's also beautiful though.
You are beautiful even after whole petals were scattered.

Expression of Communities
Joyful cosmos field under the sun!
A community of elegant white cosmos in the morning mist, following pink and red cosmos as valets.  They look like princesses.
Young energetic pink cosmos under the blue sky and white clouds.
Every flowers look up at the sky.  There may be something important and interesting for all.  Sometimes we, human beings, also look up at the sky.  There may be something which all the lives in the Earth longing for.