Botanical Garden's Gallery

White Purple Fantasy
Fantastic photo of a Kale, gracefully in bloom in purple and white.

Orange Dream
Close-up photo of orange begonia with Voigtländer MACRO APO-LANTAR 125mm F2.5 SL which has very shallow depth of field.

Dance of the Light
Leaves with sun light coming from the roof of glass house. 
Red Mystery
This is a photo of between petals of begonia.  It looks like a cave where an alien with a pair of tactiles like a snail.  This is a mystery for me because I can not find out other tactiles so far.
Purple Imagination
Cattleya is one of my best favorite subject.  With the blossoms I forget about time passing.
Orange Passion
Big orange begonia petal with sun light.  I took care of reproducing glitters on the surface of the petal.
Cattleya Dream

This is cattleya petals, too.  I enjoyed incorporating a lot of "out of focus".  I did not use a filter nor multi-exposure technique for the photo.

Red Forest
Center part of flower of Calliandra.  It was taken with Canon MP-E 65mm F2.8 Macrophoto lens which can magnify the subject from 1x to 5x, at magnification of 2.5x.  Red forest with little remaining snow in the morning?
Pink Energy
This is, of course, a center part of pink orchid.  I feel, however, some energy coming from the depth of the flower.
Flamenco Dancer
This photo was taken with macro flash.  I do not use a flash in this way which makes back in black, but in this case black back enhances power of the pistil.  This hibiscus flower then looks like a Spanish lady with great passion.