KEN's Report vol.2
Smart Hood for Kenko MC85
Genuine hood of Kenko MC85 (MC Soft 85mm F2.5) is not available, but apparently a hood is necessary for photography in the field.  Then I had been looking for a nice hood for MC85.  You may pick a screw-in type metal hood up.  Nikon's various hood would be suitable because MC85 has 52mm filter size, same as various Nikon lenses. However, non-genuine screw-in type hood can not be attached upside down and will take space in a camera bag.  Next alternative could be screw-in universal rubber hood.  This type of hood can be folded when not in use, so it would be better than metal hood.

I, however, selected quite different type of hood.  It looks like a genuine one in terms of styling and handiness.  That is, Canon ET-62 and adopter ring for Canon ES-62.

Canon ES-62 is a genuine hood for EF50mm F1.8II, sold together with adopter ring 62L.  EF50mm F1.8II has no configuration for hood attachment but 52mm screw for filter.  The adopter ring 62L provides flanges for a snap-in type hood ES-62, and has 52mm filter size screw.

From the left....
1.  EF50mm F1.8II
2.  With the adopter ring 62L
3.  And with ES-62 hood attached.
4.  This hood can be attached upside down.

ES-62 is not for a telephoto lens and is shallow for MC85. Then I bought ET-62, the hood for EF100-300mm F5.6L.  ET-62 has identical attachment configuration with ES-62, as you may imagine in the model code.  ET-62 with adopter ring 62L provide me a truly good hood system for my MC85.  It has enough depth and is much handier than universal screw-in hood system..

Left : MC85 and ET-62 with 62L ring.
Right : The hood can be attached upside down.
(March 10, 2002)

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