Cluster Amaryllises 2009-2012 Part 1

I visit the colony of cluster amaryllises in Kisa-Town Miyoshi City Hiroshima Prefecture almost every year but I have not updated this gallery since 2007. In 2012 the flowers there were full in bloom on Sunday September 30 and I planned to visit there, of course, but unfortunately a big typhoon came on that day and I could not. So I update the gallery with past photos instead.
I picked up more than 40 images for the gallery therefore I sprit it into two part. First part consists mainly of colony's scenery and second part mainly with macro photography. Hope you would enjoy with them.
Scenery of the Colony

Photos of colony's view with various light conditions. Flat light should reproduce flowers "red" more vivid but I gathered more with sunlight which makes image contrasty. No.11 through 13 are taken with large format camera with medium format panorama film holders. Images are more precise thanks to large film size as well as camera's movement to control depth of field of view.
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Air of the Colony

Photos in this section handles one or two flowers as main subject but still we can feel colony's atmosphere. I frequently take photos against very bright or extremely dark background but still color of flowers must be kept, which ensures main subject's presence.
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