Morning & Evening Gallery

Morning Scenery

Mt. Noro (1)
The Venus and the decrescent Moon are saying good bye.
Mt. Noro (2)
Mt. Noro is located in the southern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, facing to Setonaikai-sea.
Mt. Noro (3)
The sea are colored in dawn pink and the sun will come soon.
Mt. Noro (4)
Clouds are colored in dawn pink, and show elegant contrast with pale blue in the sky.
Mt. Noro (5)
... and the sun rises.
Mt. Noro (6)
The sunlight is changing ceaselessly and gives us dramatic light soon after the sunrise.
Mt. Noro (7)
An aircraft has been flying overnight to Japan, maybe from Europe. Now the sun is welcoming.
Janoike pond of Gokurakuji-yama, located in the western part of Hiroshima city. The first train of Geibi-line in the deep morning mist.
Kamagari (1)
Fishermen start working very early in the morning.  Many fishing boats were coming and going even before the sunrise.
Kamagari (2)
This morning was cloudy, but the sunbeam came down to the sea.
Kamagari (3)
....and a fisherman.
Kamagari is located in the southern part of Hiroshima prefecture, the foot of Mt. Noro.

Evening Scenery

Mt. Ege (1)
Mt. Ege is in eastern part of Hiroshima city. Evening sun and a ferry.
Mt. Ege (2)
Looks like a Japanese painting thanks to pale tone of purple colors.
Mt. Ege (3)
The sun and clouds made a fantastic scenery.
Mt. Ege (4)
We are very lucky if we could see red flashing after the sunset.
Mt. Ege (5)
Silver grasses, the moon in the evening glow.
Mt. Ege (6)
It looks like a chinese painting. Harmony of lights and shadows.
Mt. Ege (7)
Soon after a heavy storm, clouds made drastic shapes and sunlight came down.
Mt. Ege (8)
Clouds after a storm make a scenery like an impressive western painting.
Mt. Ege (9)
Now the night came on Hiroshima City.