Appendix Galleries

1. Surprising Shower
In the Bihoku-Kyuryo-Koen (Bihoku National Hill Park) in Hiroshima prefecture Shobara city, a big play spot for kids has constructed and was opened on September 15, 2000.  There is "Surprising Shower" as one of the components of the play spot.  If someone push a button or step on a spot on the ground, strong water jet will come out from "Surprising Shower".  Many kids were playing with the shower getting wet through, or some of them stripped themselves naked.
It was a great fun for me to take photos of kids because all of them were in  ultimate joy with all smiles.  Good models and situations gave me great photos without considering technique, composition nor exposure.  I don't think I have to put explanation for each photo. Just take a look at!  You can feel how kids enjoyed "Surprising Shower".

2. A Rainy Day
One of my friends planned to hold a photo contest with the theme of "RAIN" and I had therefore to take photos of "RAIN".  I thought many themes of "RAIN" and conclusion was "Impressive", because it's my style.  I picked Tamron 90 mm Macro Lens up and took several photos of girls in rainy central Hiroshima city on a theme of "Impressive" and "Imagery".
It was a hard work for me because I had to hold not only camera, lens and camera bag but also an umbrella, however, it was also fun for me.  How do you think the outcome ?

3.  Gallery Milan

Part 1: Deep Morning Mist

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. in the second morning of a business trip to Italy, due to jet lag and I found deep mist out of the hotel window.  I went out to a residential street near the hotel before daybreak with my camera.  Unlike Japanese residential streets, those in the suburbs of Milan have plenty of trees.  Every street was illuminated by mercury lamps and sodium lamps for crime prevention, I suppose, and there were splendid performances by lights in the deep mist.  I kept in mind that the light of mercury lamps will be reproduced in green on a film though it looks in white for our eyes.  I was aiming at creating colorful balance of green by mercury lamps and orange by sodium lamps.
The tripod I had during the business trip was very small and light weight (Slik Mini with overall height of 260 mm) thus all the pictures were taken almost at ground level.  This extremely low height position have made these photos very attractive, I think, though it was a hard work to set compositions because I had to lie down on the ground to see camera finder.  To prevent the camera from blurring I used wireless remote control to release the shutter with mirror up function.
Crowne Plaza Hotel
UFO Landing !
Red Lines in Morning Mist
I went out of the hotel and looked back at the hotel, there was beautiful lights and silhouettes. When looking at main street from an alley, beautiful lights and silhouettes again I found. After daybreak some cars were going to offices.  One car passing my camera lit the turn signal lamp and turned to the left.  Then it became an interesting picture.

Part 2: Duomo

I could have two hours lunch time in the second day of a business trip.  I went out by taxi to Duomo, the big church located in the center of Milan city.  Inside of Duomo was so dark that it was hard to take photos without tripod.
I suppose that major catholic churches have identical structure because Duomo in Milan has the similar structure to those in Cologne and Firenze.  When we go into the Duomo we can see the artar at far bottom.  There are additional space on the both side of just before the artar and when we overview the church inside, it has a shape like a cross.  On the left side two fire offering spaces are available for the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ respectively, and devotees are ceaselessly coming to the place and offering fires.
Duomo has big spires and we can go up to there, but I spend short break in Duomo.  Everyone in the church is gentle and calm, I like this space.
Reflection of Prayer
Lover's Vows
Complete view of Duomo inside. On the left side of the church there are fire offering spaces for the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.  I took reflection of the fire on the floor. Besides the fires a couple of lovers were....
I took many photos because it was so dark (and film was RVP !) to get a non-blurring photo.