Autumn Gallery-1
Autumn Leaves and Silver Grass

Silver Grass

Silver Grass at Dusk

I think silver grass well match scene of the evening.  When we take pictures of them with side-light they appear in brilliant, and in a silhouette with backlight.
Three photos here are taken at the spot I often visit for dusk photos.
A beautifully flaming sunset can hardly been seen without altostrati, therefore if it is fine weather without clouds in the sky, or there are clouds at lower altitude, I decide to change the subject of photos from sunset to others, with utilizing the sunset as a supporting actor.

When we look at silver grass carefully, we can easily find one in a very impressive shape.  I took the second and the third photo with paying attention to composition between the impressive shape of silver grass and position of the sun.
The first photo is the scenery from the spot taken with a super wide angle lens.  It is actually ordinary scene but with the lens it becomes much more magnificent.

Autumn Leaves

Leaves Colored in Orange

An object should better be perfectly beautiful if we take photos of flower or tinted Japanese maple.  In case of autumn leaves, however, worm-eaten shapes, dots or stains on the leaf would help for tasteful pictures to the contrary.
First photo is tinted cherry leaf brilliantly shined in backlight.  The second one is a fallen leaf in flat light of a cloudy day. The third one is a silhouette of a leaf taken against the sunset.  As I mentioned the three photos are taken in different light condition but all of them are tasteful, maybe because autumn leaf itself is tasteful subject.