Cluster Amaryllises 2001

With Morning Dew
A morning mist makes everything in the field covered with morning dew.  This cluster amaryllis was also covered with dew looks like jewelry.
Spider's threads, curved gently, have numbers of dews looked like necklace of diamond.  The flower with diamond necklace stood elegantly like a princess. 
Sunlight in the morning with mist is very gentle and tender.  The cluster amaryllises were full in bloom elegantly in the morning sunlight.

The Late Summer Heat
Under the strong sunlight in the early autumn, yet very hot, cluster amaryllises express another look than as in the above photos.  I feel their passion in their pistils.
The reason why cluster amaryllises bloom so passionate is, maybe, their life is very short. 
They are growing straight up to the autumn sky, together with cosmos, very vividly. 

A group of cluster amaryllises bloom besides full of ripened rice.  The flowers tell it's a time of harvest. 
Tomorrow will be a harvest of rice shining in the autumn evening sunlight.  The trio of flowers therefore look after rice till tomorrow. 
Then the rice was harvested.  And life of flowers will soon be terminated. 
Rice field after harvest is ready for welcoming late autumn and winter, cold seasons. 

Hot evening sunlight, ears of rice in the sunlight, a sign of the night in the shadow of a mountain and a flower. What do you feel from them?
Her heart is maybe in blue. Gloom, uneasiness or anxiety makes her not bloom fully.

Buckwheat Flowers

Kimita Village is located in the north of Miyoshi City in Hiroshima Prefecture.  The village is famous for fields of sunflowers bloom in late summer.  The fields were covered with full of buckwheat flowers when I visited there in late September.
I came close to a stalk with beautifully blooming flowers, and then took photos in a neat composition.
When I came closer and closer to a stalk, I found beautiful color combination of white petals and pink stamens.