Cluster Amaryllises 2002

I'm routinely searching new spots of flower photography to get new images. I've found out two colonies of cluster amaryllises in 2002 and taken photos there. The big colony in Kisa-town located in the northern part of Hiroshima prefecture is a wonderful spot for photography, and I exhibit 5 photos taken there in the gallery.
Another colony was found near Shiwaguchi station of Geibi line, located in the northern part of Hiroshima city. This colony is not so good for photography as Kisa's because there are many unwelcome objects around flowers. I exhibit one photo in the gallery.
The best crowded area of Kisa's colony. It looks like red carpet without seam, so I place some trees in the image for accents.
There was a tree with branches in funny shape in the another area of Kisa's colony.
Another overview of the colony with wide-angle lens.
Close-up photo not with Macro lens but with wide-angle lens.  I prefer wide-angle close-up if it's possible.  But usually wide-angle close-up results in images with unwelcome object in the back.  Fortunately the colony gave me some good images with wide-angle close-up.
Close-up photo with Macro lens, as is very often the case with my photos :-). 
This photo was taken in the colony near Shiwaguch station, beside the riverbed.