Cluster Amaryllises 2004

I've visited the big colony of cluster amaryllises in Kisa-town, Miyoshi-city again. I took various views of the colony and exhibited many photos in the gallery 2003, so I changed my mind of photography from mainly plain views last year to mainly macro works this year.

You might not feel "cluster amaryllis" from the first 3 photos.
The first one is photos of a weed. I felt this shape very noble and I took this photos as if I was painting old Japanese style picture. Where is cluster amaryllis? Orange color is bokeh of the flower!
The second one is morning dews on a stem of cluster amaryllis. I place a red accent to have you feel flower existence.
The third one is a insect sleeping on a stamen of cluster amaryllis. I put three stamens in a well balanced manner and make all background simple red color.

Next 3 photo's main theme is tree rather than cluster amaryllis. There are several trees with good shape in the Kisa's colony and I took photos make each of them a main subject.

5 photos of the last 6 are macro works. I had an idea of photo composition that a red cluster amaryllis floating in the red space. With this idea I took several photos exhibited here.
The last photo is whole view of Kisa colony with Fuji's new film "fortia". It's a limited edition of Fuji film and may not be available out of Japan. This produces extremely vivid color and high contrast.