Cluster Amaryllises 2005

I'm a so called "Sunday Cameraman" due to my business, so I visited Kisa's colony on September 25, 2005 Sunday. The flower condition on the day was not very good, too early for full bloom as a whole colony, and blooming flowers were available only in limited area. Frankly speaking, the outcome of this year is disappointing to me, but I've uploaded 6 photos just for my memory :-).
1. A whole view of the area where flowers looked in full bloom. I wanted to place trees in more attractive composition but I could not because of flower conditions. 2. Pan focus soft pictures with double exposure technique. 3. Light, shadow and silhouette.
4. There were many drops of morning dew on the flower and I took it with macro lens. But the dew can't be seen on the web ;-(. 5. Another macro photo of morning dew on the flower. 6. Key element of this photo is background scenery.