Cluster Amaryllises 2006
I've visited the famous colony of cluster amaryllises in Kisa-Town, Miyoshi-City in late September, 2006. Unfortunately, full bloom timing did not match with my holidays and I had to take photos slightly before full bloom. I've already taken various photos there for years, thus I tried to make composition as fresh as possible.

The first 3 photos are overview of the colony. I think the key to make composition of colony overview is position of trees. I made an effort to make composition stable in various focal length of lens from 20mm to 200mm.

1 2 3

The next 3 photos are macro photography, however, resultantly I did not use true macro lens. 4 and 5 are taken with EF70-200mm F2.8L plus x1.4 tele-converter which gives us sufficient magnification and working distance. I make these photos as fantastic as possible. 6 is taken with Sigma's cheap zoom lens but picture quality is sufficient.
4 5 6

The next 3 are photos focus only on one flower. Feel loneliness of the flowers.
7 8 9

The last 3 photos were taken from lower position. 11 and 12 were taken from extremely low level,  by placing a camera on the ground. This angle gives us energy of flowers toward the sky, I think.
10 11 12