Spring Flowers Gallery

Dogtooth Violet  or "Katakuri" in Japanese

9 photos are presented here. All taken with Fujifilm fortia SP, extremely vivid color and high contrast slide film. Dogtooth tends to pale color on the film due to surface reflections while we see it in vivid violet. Thus it's usual for Japanese cameramen to use polarizer filter but I use foritia instead.
The last photo is taken with Cart Zeiss Planar 85mm F1.4 with AC Close-up lens which makes extremely fantasitc pictures.

Below is quotation from last years gallery to explain about Dogtooth Violet.
"Every flower is given with "flower words" in Japan. Though the english name "Dogtooth" does not sound beautiful, the words of this flower is "the first love" in Japan.  This flower is regarded as one of the most beautiful and centimental flowers blooming in Japan and many Japanese want to see this but it's very difficult. Availabilty of colony of the flower is very limited and it takes more than 7 years from someone plant seeds to the first flower in bloom."