Here is a stock room of photos which I have some interests in, but do not think them worth enough for a Gallery at present.  Some may move to a Gallery later, being accompanied by newly coming photos, but others may be deleted without any pre-notice.

Carp Streamers.
We Japanese have a habit to celebrate Children's Day (May 5th) by putting up carp streamers.  These were on the Hakuryu-lake in Hiroshima.
I wanted to express movement of carp streamers swimming in the spring breeze.  Use slow shutter speed and watched at carps movement carefully to keep carp's eyes not burring.
A Scene while waiting for the signal.  Place a camera on the passenger seat while driving, and you could get interesting photos. Warp Tunnel
Place a camera on a passenger seat, but do not take photos while driving a car fast!
It looks like a fish swimming in the water, doesn't it? It is a leaf in a ditch with many bubbles. Just different angle of the previous photo, and this won a prize of a Japanese photo magazine contest.
Autumn in Japan 1
I like a traditional and elegant Japanese young lady, as well as a traditional noble Japanese elder lady.
Autumn in Japan 2
It's a typical scene of Japanese Autumn.  Everyone above my generation knows this scene well as the same pictures were seen on the wall of public bath houses.
The Youth of Nowadays
A group of youth came to the spot of fog viewing.  They were seeing sunrise standing in a row and.......
Waltz of Freesia
My wife was delightfully put freesia on the floor, and said "see, it's waltz of freesia ladies!".
It won a prize of a photo magazine contest.

Feel silence!

Close-up of pelican. It also won a prize of Japanese photo magazine contest.

Let's Square!
Photos taken with EOS650 Square, the camera modified to 24mm x 24mm square format.
A Carp and Water Lilies

Square format is famous by Hasselblad, but it rather match with Japanese Scenery.

A Water Lily

Square format makes a neat composition.

A Butterfly and a Sunflower

I took this scene both with the ordinary 24x36mm and 24x24mm format. Apparently the square format photo won in terms of neat composition.

Evening of Hiroshima Bay

It's a featureless scene, but square frame adds something.

Let's Square : Cheery Blossom 2003

Here are 4 cherry blossom photos in 2003 taken with EOS650 Square. You'll also find similar photos in Cherry Blossom Gallery taken with EOS3, normal 36mm x 24mm format. It might be interesting for you to compare a pare of photos of identical subject in different format.

This cherry tree is in Yasuno Station, which is located in northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture and is famous for spring flowers. The cherry blossoms with yellow forsythia flowers in the foreground. Another view of the cherry tree in combination with deep pink peach blossoms.
A nice color coordination in yellow, pink and pale pink, taken with Kenko MC85 Soft lens. Weeping Cherry Blossom in Yuki-town, Hiroshima Prefecture, which is very famous for its well-ballanced proportion.