Winter Galleries

Winter Flowers 2013

15 photos of Eranthis are exhibited here. I used the final stock of Fuji T64 tungsten film therefore this is the filan gallery of tungsten film works.

Winter Flowers 2011-2012

I take photos of Eranthis every year but 2012 gallery also includes 2011 works because we had the earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011 and I could not update the gallery.

Winter Flowers 2010

When I go for photo taking of eranthis I had a severe fever and could take small number of photos. 4 photos of eranthis are shown here.

Winter Flowers 2009

9 photos of eranthis are available.

Winter Flowers & Scenery 2008

15 photos of eranthis and 12 photos of snowy scenery are available.

Winter Flowers 2006

9 photos of eranthis and 3 photos of frosted leaves are available.

Winter Flowers 2005

6 photos of eranthis in the snow are available.

Winter Scenery 2003 - 2004

15 photos taken in January 2003 and January 2004 are available.

Winter Flowers & Scenery 2000 - 2002
Photos taken from 2000 through 2002 are displayed. Three small galleries, "Eranthis", "Small Snow Scenery" and "A Pond Froze Over" are available.